Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What To Do With Extra Vials of Donor Sperm?

The question of the day since we are finally coming to terms that more children is not financially plausible is what to do with the extra vials of the donor's sperm.

We have it noted on the DSR that we have extra but the half siblings mom is also not planning to have more kids (that we know of) and there are no other half sibling families out there that we know of that might want them.

Do we sell them back to the Cryobank enabling other families to have kids from this donor? Do we destroy them? Do we submit them to research?

These questions don't rise to the level of controversy that families with frozen embryos have to deal with but like them we continue to pay yearly fees to store and maintain their viability. Not an easy decision.

The idea of taking one vial and having the DNA analyzed appeals to me and I am leaning in that direction for one vial. But the rest is still a mystery as to what we should do.


katty said...

As someone also with three vials in storage... I wondered what you hoped to learn from the DNA analysis?

DI_Dad said...

My first concern is probably health info before heritage / ethnic info.

The following link was to the message exchange I had with Sandman on the DSR_Discussion group re this topic:

The following link is to his site:

As opposed to normal medical testing none of this would be covered by insurance and my fear is if I were to learn of something that my actual medical insurance carrier would claim a pre-existing condition when and if the something were to need treatment and provide NOT provide coverage.

I need to do more investigating before I do anyting more. Yet we are still paying the fees.

katty said...

Ah. The whole medical insurance issue is meaningless to me as I have none. I was wondering what kind of health information I could learn, what would be available.... how useful it would be.... I have no idea.... I am ignorant.

Rachel Inbar said...

Isn't it tempting to keep them - in case you win the lottery or write a bestseller? How long can they keep?