Thursday, February 22, 2007

Popularity of and Choosing a Sperm Donor

no. 337

In the last two weeks the NYT has now run two articles focusing on Donor Conception / Insemination and one letter to the editor. The newest article by Gina Kolata focuses on the choice of donors and Fairfax Cryobank's Donor 1913 and his alleged most popular status.

Anonymous Conception
Psst! Ask for Donor 1913
New York Times
Published: February 18, 2007

They Are Linked by Their Genes (1 Letter)
NYT Letters to the Editor
Published: February 20, 2007
Janine Baer

I plan to post the text of these articles to the Annex later this week for now the links are provided above to the NYT itself. My own reactiosn resulted in my submitting my own letter to the editor. If I don't hear from the NYT within I think two weeks, their time requirement, I will post it here. The crux of my letter involves male input into the selection process.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Emerging Donors – A DI Dads Dilemma

no. 336

Sperm Donor Father [CCB 150] Ends His Anonymity
NY Times
Amy Harmon
February 14, 2007

Hello, I’m Your Sister. Our Father is Donor 150
NY Times
Amy Harmon
November 20, 2005

The November 20, 2005 article was one of the first within Ms. Harmon’s series that graced the cover of the NY Times bringing the issues surrounding DI to the forefront of water cooler discussions in the past 18 months. Seeing today’s article bring some resolution to the identity issue for the donor conceived teenagers and young adults in the piece was nice to see, read, and feel a part of.

As a DI dad initial reactions are a curious thing. You are happy for these kids but then you wonder will my own kids have such a desire to meet / find their bio father? How will I feel when it’s a real man across the park they are walking towards? Long term it’s certainly a good thing from their perspective but it also makes you take stock of yourself and the reminder that your emotional reactions / needs must come second to theirs.

Not all DI dads will take this approach. Certainly most heterosexual couples still have not told their kids of their origins and that’s their decision. My kids know and will continue to be told their story so how will I feel when it’s their turn we’ll have to wait and see how life develops for them and for me.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sperm Storage Fees: The 2006/2007 Question

no. 335

Well we ended up continuing to store our remaining vials. I just sent the cryobank via email an updated storage agreement requesting that my credit card be billed monthly as opposed to paying a year's worth of storage at once. Sort of like a month to month lease for space in their cryogenic tank.

We envision in the next few months selling back all but one or two vials at 50% of what we paid for them but for the moment the decision is again put off for another day. It is doubtful we will ever use these vials but like many others we are too chicken to pull the plug.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

International Infertility Film Festival - Not Much Time Left

no. 334
Sorry, for the lack of posts these last two weeks. It's been extremely cold here in NYC and by the time I get home I am bushed and the kids have been up later than usual. Hence one tired poppa.

I have been struggling with what to submit for the film festival. I have toyed with asking other dads to film themselves for 5 seconds each and send me photos and put together a collage of what infertile men look like (namely like anybody) with title sequences that state infertility can hit anybody so watch what you say and be supportive etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda. Other ideas have me discussing the topic with my kids but J won't stay still and I am not thrilled with putting his face out there so publicly.

Only a few more weeks and I need to create an entry. The whole avatar / electronic actor thing is beyond my time and ability right now. The apartment is too cold for me to be up late creating stuff on the PC right now. Anyone have an idea?

Monday, February 05, 2007

"Sperm Banks' Screening Too Strict" (No Altruistic Purpose Here)

no. 333

Spectator News
(Student Newspaper of the University of Wisconsin)
Jacob McCormick
Issue Date: Feb. 5, 2007

Four excerpts of an article written by a student who looked into donating....full text posted on the Annex linked above....

"Last semester, I was joking around with a few fellow staffers at The Spectator about donating sperm. Because of my constant need for money to cover my extravagant spending budget, I decided to look into actually donating.
I figured it couldn't be more painful than giving plasma twice a week. At a minimum income of $100 per accepted sample, according to the Genetics and IVF Cryobank Web site, it is a much more profitable venture than plasma, even though the nearest sperm donation center is located in Roseville, Minn.
The one thing that was a big concern to me when I was considering donating sperm was the confidentiality of my name and the legal issues that may be involved with indirectly fathering a child. However, Cryobank's Web site states that all names are withheld and that the donor does not have to worry about child support or anything of that nature.
The monetary compensation for donating sperm is definitely worth the procedure and it isn't a waste of time to look into donating. But given the rare chance of actually becoming a donor, I think I'll stay master of my domain and continue donating plasma.

After reading the full article it certainly did not leave a positive impression. I counter this article in my mind with the donor voice recording we have. I would expect having heard that recording that my kids will at least feel their donor had good intentions even if they know he was paid money.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Needs of Sperm Donors, Offspring at Odds

no. 332

Needs of Sperm Donors, Offspring at Odds

By Kay Miller

Star Tribune

Minneapolis – St. Paul

Last Updated: February 2, 2007

- The sperm bank industry is being challenged to catch up with growing demands for detailed information about donors as thousands of their offspring come of age.

- The article includes the following paragraph:

"Morrissette collected evocative essays from DI children, a sperm donor, even an infertile father in her 2006 book, " Behind Closed Doors: Moving Beyond Secrecy and Shame," (Be-Mondo Publishing, $12.95)"

The infertile father is me!


A Sperm Donor has Waited for More than a Year to Become Part of His Kids Lives
Topeka, Kansas

Posted: 4:48pm Feb. 2, 2007

- An update of the Kansas Supreme Court case. In short this was the first day the Court could have issued its opinion. It did not do so and the next possible date a decision can be issued is March 16.


Donor Offspring Find One Another

Star Tribune

Minneapolis - St. Paul

by Kay Miller

Last Updated: February 02, 2007 – 5:13 PM

- The mothers know that Donor 1047 has at least 23 offspring, possibly as many as 100.