Thursday, February 08, 2007

International Infertility Film Festival - Not Much Time Left

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Sorry, for the lack of posts these last two weeks. It's been extremely cold here in NYC and by the time I get home I am bushed and the kids have been up later than usual. Hence one tired poppa.

I have been struggling with what to submit for the film festival. I have toyed with asking other dads to film themselves for 5 seconds each and send me photos and put together a collage of what infertile men look like (namely like anybody) with title sequences that state infertility can hit anybody so watch what you say and be supportive etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda. Other ideas have me discussing the topic with my kids but J won't stay still and I am not thrilled with putting his face out there so publicly.

Only a few more weeks and I need to create an entry. The whole avatar / electronic actor thing is beyond my time and ability right now. The apartment is too cold for me to be up late creating stuff on the PC right now. Anyone have an idea?


Bea said...

Your idea sounds great. I really hope you can get a few men to participate. If you don't get enough, my only suggestion would be to mix in a couple of fertile or apparently-fertile (ie "untested") men with a sort of "pick the infertile man" thing.

This would involve getting infertile men to talk about ordinary everyday things not just their fertility (although you could include that as well, obviously). As infertile men do that *every day* it should come easily enough. And then title sequences etc etc yadayadayada.

I understand your hesitation about the children.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

We're in a panic too. I want to do a cartoon--and I told Josh that I'd do all the drawing if he'd figure out the software/scanning element. I'm thinking we're going to set it to music. A little ditty about infertility...