Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WiFi May Damage Sperm Quality: Study

An Argentine study is claiming WiFi in close proximity to sperm may damage the sperm's quality. The article in yesterday's NY Daily News is not that surprising as was the conclusion of a 2004 study that use of lap tops causes an increase in temperature to the scrotum and hence sperm causing damage.

Just something to think about when working at home or accessing WiFi on a laptop PC. Better safe than sorry. Guessing using the WiFi on top of a nice metal table is preferable to using the couch.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Dating Sites and the "Want Kids" Box

One amusing facet of dating again as a adult is the proliferation of on-line dating sites. One question on most profiles is whether you want kids. Many single women looking to get married also will want to have a family. Not all but many. When some see you have checked off you are done having kids it it obviously closes off some potential relationships.

This would never happen but can you imagine a box which would state "Can't physically have more kids but are you open to DI?" Not happening.

I am done no matter what. My kids are all I want unless I meet someone who already has kids. Is amusing thought though as it would the put issue out there and not have to worry about bringing it up later.