Tuesday, March 05, 2019

I am still here !

Life as Dad to DI Kids generally is just Life as Dad or Life as Divorced Dad of Teens. We have not focused too much lately on any donor conception discussions in our house. 

Although Z wants to visit her half sibling brother or he come to NYC so they can see a concert together. They seem to connect over music. 

Otherwise all is generally quiet.   More later. I promise. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Mother Earth’s Flower Shop

Years ago I participated in the International Infertility Film Festival. A home grown group of bloggers contributing videos posted on YouTube with a common set of hashtags. This was always a favorite posted by Melissa Ford aka of the Stirrup Queens blog that continues today posted under The Towncriers avatar she also used at that time. A fun video not specifically about donor conception but about all families created via ART and adoption. 

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There is More Said the Troll

Just read a fast blog piece over at Scary Mommy where a mom describes her children's story from telling, school pictures that look like sperm to what it's like having donor siblings. She also describes her feelings about it all. Basic stuff. 

The kids are still young so no issues discussed re finding a donor etc. I am getting jaded as I want sometimes to interject. I don't want ever to be that troll commenting on another persons story. But sometimes you do. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

DNA Sample Received

They have received my daughter's DNA sample. Six to eight weeks now before her results will be ready.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Our Goal as Parents to DC Children

The following is a comment I just posted on a donor conception FB group in response to a post that a couple is experiencing conflict where the expecting dad wants to minimize the donors role in many respects: 

“Anyone that has seen my comments know I believe in full disclosure as early as possible in a donor conceived child’s life. The reasons are supported by many studies that the earlier its know the less pain and betrayal if any will exist later. This can’t be a secret to the child as it’s their right to know who they are. 

The donor does not have to be a major focus but at the same time to minimize the donor is to minimize and possible delegitimize half of who the child is. Doing that can seriously create self worth issues etc. I don’t want to create arguments here and I will respect everyone’s views but the goal must always be the best interests of the child. Using DI or DE is a decision we make as parents not one they asked for. They deserve truth in all respects. Our feelings as parents must be secondary to their mental and physical health. As parents I can’t imagine anyone not wanting that as their goal.”

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Sperm Donor Meets Children and Girlfriend Online. Their Children

This should be an interesting read.  

Note one fear that some DI Dads have is that their spouse will developed feelings for their donor. Presumably there is no social non bio dad in this story. 

I will read later and add comments. 

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