Saturday, January 01, 2022

DNA Matching Season

It's DNA Matching season.

It's that time of year after holiday gifts of DNA kits are given that for a number of persons life is turned upside down. New discoveries are brought by emails which lead to questions and sometimes long buried secrets revealed. Take care.

I don't have the words to describe what made your parents hide such a truth. They may have been counseled by others to hide the truth for various reasons. I am not condoning or agreeing with their decision.

I counsel openness and truth as early as possible. Donor conception is a hard decision for many to choose. People don't often understand all of the ramifications of the choice they make and how it will impact their children. The donor conceived individuals created.

Be gentle to yourself, and even your parents, while also giving yourself the right to ask, to feel confused and betrayed. There usually was no intent to hurt you. Be honest and allow yourself to feel what needs to be felt. This will hurt.

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