Saturday, December 05, 2009

Z Learns Its Not Easy Having Siblings

My kids and Z learned yesterday what it's like to have siblings. You are no longer the center of attention and butting heads is part of having a brother.

On that note these three are already calling each other by brother / sister terminology. Part of that is due to Z's wanting a "brother" and coming into the meeting with that term in his head. My son who had been using the term half sibling with regards to T up to this point had always also wanted a brother and his desire for one has trumped the desired terminology. At this point I am fine with it.

Generally I would want the terms brother / sister when kids are living with another but here the relationships are already very natural so I am letting them take the lead. We shall see what happens when T is added to the picture this morning.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Just Met Half Sibling Z

Pandemonium in the hotel room. The kids are having a ball. All very silly. Lots of boy craziness. Jumping. Yelling. Amusing. Great photos.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ten Hours Until Sibling Meeting

It is midnight and in ten hours or thereabout my kids will be meeting their newest half sibling Z, a seven year old boy who is only 6 months younger than my son.

Z and his mom flew in from out of state earlier this evening and are staying in a Midtown hotel but will be staying with us Friday and Saturday nights.

T and her mom are driving up Saturday and will have her first meeting with Z when all the kids get together that day.

More posts as the our three day weekend progresses as we are keeping the kids out of school tomorrow and keeping them out of their normal Saturday activities as well.

If you had four half siblings together in NYC where would you go? I must admit I have not really planned out this weekend. As Z's mom requested we have only one requested stop to see the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History other than that the weekend can be laid back and just let the kids interact and get to know each other.

Should be an interesting weekend. I have enabled the blog to be updated remotely so expect a few short blog postings along the way. This post itself was submitted via my blackberry.