Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NY Times (5/15/07): As Demand for Donor Eggs Soars, High Prices Stir Ethical Concerns

no. 371

The linked articles discusses the prices offered egg donors, the possible medical effects on the egg donors but nowhere from what I see does it address the donor conceived individuals created.

There is a stat from the CDC that in 2003 approximately 5700 babies were born from donor eggs. Interesting that the CDC collects that stat but cannot require sperm banks or clinics to report births resulting froom donor sperm (not that I think they could accurately collect that info - see prior blog post).

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DD said...

At my clinic, their policy is to not advertise for egg donors. It is strictly word-of-mouth, and when you are talking about a city with a pop. of 400,000, that's not a huge market of donors.

Also, the women who are accepted must have already had "normal" children and agree that they have completed their families. Plus, the women must be in their early 30's.

They are compensated $3,000.

Is this a "small town" mentality? Maybe, but shouldn't many of these thoughts be taken into consideration before someone becomes a killjoy for the entire nation and completely bans compensating for donated eggs?

Also, just a minor peeve? I noticed that the article stated, "A woman first has to take medications to stop her menstrual cycle and then daily hormone injections for several weeks..." and that is erroneous.

The "medication" that the woman first takes is plain old birth control pills and they are to synchonize her period with the recipient, and most women are already on the pill. Also, they do not take hormone injections for several weeks. If it's a short protocol, the most she may have to take injections is for 11-14 days.

As for the risks involved, every woman who has to go through IVF, or even a stimulated IUI, has those risks PLUS that woman is paying to accept these risks, not receiving funds.

Obviously, the whole thing has put a burr under my saddle.