Thursday, June 07, 2007

Victoria Australia Commission Recommends Expanded IVF / DI Access

no. 384
Cabinet split looms on IVF
Herald Sun
Ashley Gardiner and Ellen Whinnett
June 08, 2007 12:00am
"PREMIER Steve Bracks will decide whether lesbians and single women can get IVF treatment in Victoria despite a looming clash in Cabinet.
The Law Reform Commission yesterday recommended sweeping changes that would allow gay couples to adopt children and free up IVF for single women and lesbians.
The report was commissioned by the Bracks Government in 2002, but will face challenges in Cabinet."


Bea said...

I love being an infertile Australian. We have some of the best infertility treatment coverage in the world. But. At times it feels as if we have fewer options as well. Alternative family-building methods (donors, adoption, surrogacy, etc) seem harder to pursue than in other places.

I like options. I think we should be working to expand them.


DI_Dad said...

I always agree that options are better. It's always a trick between different countries. You have countries with sicialized medicine where Govt gets more involved in regulation and then you have countries like the US where consumerism drives prices of procedures up.