Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Advertising for Donor Conception New York

Yesterday I decided to start advertising on a few "parent" centered blogs and a few LGBT blogs / site to start getting the word out about building a donor conception community here in the NYC area. The button on the left is perhaps overly simple, but states its question, and hopefully it with a link to the Donor Conception New York blog site will start attracting interest in the idea of a new organization. I will also be starting a Facebook group as suggested to me by a member on the Donor Conception New York blog's companion Yahoo group.

What are your thoughts? Can you spread the word and post the blue button on your blog or site?


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

My name is Eric Schwartzman too. I live in Los Angeles. And while I respect your right and courage in expressign yourself as a DI dad, I must say it has had an adverse affect on me. Every now and then someone congratulates me for being such a vocal, outspoken proponent of your cause. I actually teach new media and use it an humorous example of why you should consider using your middle initial when participating in social media.

Anyway, thought you might get a laugh out of it too.


Eric B. Schwartzman

DI_Dad said...

Dear Eric B.,

My apologies for the adverse effects. Having dealt with my own infertility for years I can only imagine the momentary awkwardness for both you and the individual who thinks you are the infertile Eric. I will certainly try to use my middle initial, "S", more often to help distinguish myself from you.

I am also amused at your contact as I have known of you for some time due to my using the Internet for genealogical research even before addressing my infertilty and donor conception on this medium. I've often been curious of the possible connections between many Schwartzman families.

My situation, if it is any comfort, has "adversely" affected more than just you but another Eric Schwartzman here in NYC. He is Eric J. Schwartzman, an attorney, who I work near and who has received press inquiries about being a DI Dad. I think he also will appreciate your suggestion.

Thanks for writing and feel free to forward any DC related inquiries on to me at eric11714@yahoo.com. If you are ever are curious about the possibility of family connections my Schwartzman line hails from Bessarabia now Moldova.


ps Check out the below link. It's after the fact but still amusing.


Unknown said...

Am I the only person that finds this absolutely hilarious?

In other news, it may be too early to mention, but there's about a 50/50 chance that I may get moved to Maryland for my job. Is that even considered New England?

Vinnie said...

I thought the two Erics story was hilarious, too, but not that unusual considering that I found another Vincent Rivellese who is the same age to the year as my father Vincent Rivellese and grew up in Queens like he did -- but no relation and never crossed paths until the internet led me to find the guy when I googled my own name. So with the hundreds of millions of us here, I might even be surprised if someone DIDN'T have one of these stories.

DI_Dad said...

Ryan - MD is not New England.

Are you referring to the two Erics story or the linked video about Eric Schwartzman forgetting to vote and causing Obama to lose the election?

Unknown said...

The two Erics story. I've seen the video before, if it's the one I'm thinking of. There's another guy out there with my name as well, much younger, different middle initial.

However, neither of us are famous enough to interfere with the other.

Vinnie said...

The Obama video was funny, too, but it would have been even better if it had inserted the last names!