Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jennifer Lopez : Mom via Donor Insemination in "Plan B"

According to the NY Daily News story linked HERE Jennifer Lopez will star in a film titled "Plan B" where she will attempt to conceive a child via donor insemination.

No word whether (a) her character is planning to be a choice mom / single mom by choice or (b) whether her character's husband has male factor infertility issues or (c) whether her character is one half of lesbian couple. My bet it's choice "a".
If there is a DI Dad in the picture perhaps we can get the script to include him in the yahoo group.


Leslee said...

You're right... it's A. AND not only that, but she finds Mr. Right on the same day as she finds out she's pregnant. And this is a dilemma?

Betsy said...

Hmm, I'm sure it will be a disaster for people like us to watch! How many cliches and turkey-baster jokes can they shove into and hour and a half?

But, I do love J-Lo :)

Unknown said...

I thought I'd read something about this long ago... Worst, worst case scenario:

-She gets pregnant via donor sperm.
-She meets the man of her dreams.
-She's already pregnant.
-Somehow, honesty doesn't immediately spring to mind as an option and 90 minutes of hijinks ensue as she tries to find a convincing story as to why she's pregnant because lord help her if she's "pregnant with another man's child"!
-In the final ten minutes of the movie, she tearfully confesses that she conceived a baby via donor conception.
-In a moment of confusion, the clueless man (played by Matthew Macchonaheybaby) confesses that he once donated sperm.
-Pre-natal DNA testing proves the child to be from his donation, in a mind-blowing example of coincidence because heaven forbid they fall in love anyway and raise the child if it's not "his".
-I then leap in from off-screen and slaughter them both with a chainsaw, pausing in my mayhem only long enough to longingly caress J-Lo's posterior.

Note: The last bullet is only included in a movie one step better than my worst-case scenario.

Oh yeah, when I first heard about this movie, the first seven bullets were all part of the plot. Maybe it's changed, or I'm thinking of another movie?

Vinnie said...

You go guy, Ryan; notwithstanding that J-Lo is involved, who wants to be, er, the butt of the movie's jokes?

My friend won second place a couple of years ago in a Bravo reality show about writing the best sit-com with his idea, "The Sperm Donor," where a SMC is having trouble with her teen and taps the sperm donor as an unwilling father figure for the kid.

ZombieFoodie said...

I was just joking with Eric about the future possibility. (near certainty) of some form of DC revenge slasher movie and here comes Ryan talking about chainsaws. Oh, da humanity!

I have to admit I hadn't thought of the sit-com possibilities. How about a DI-Dad & a Donor & and a motley collection of half-sibs thereof are forced to live together by circumstance. Brady Bunch meets Odd Couple meets Two-and-half Men for the 21rst century. Hilarity ensues.

Anonymous said...