Monday, July 19, 2010

General Update

This past weekend was a busy one for my kids and I. We saw a baseball game, traveled to a friend's house out of state and also visited with family a short commute away from our apartment. Both of the kids are getting bigger but are still very much children.

While at the game I was seated next to a woman from our old temple who commented how much the kids resemble their mom. I responded that they do. At first I thought she had commented how J looks like me but I held back and heard her again and realized it was not me but their mom.

When we visited family my mom commented how my son perspires stating he certainly is a "Smith". A reference to a line of her family. I responded he is not. I did not even think I just responded. Mom was not happy with my comment. J did not catch any of this but I did say you've got roots kids where the warm weather is not something that agrees with us.

I have not written much as day to day there is not too much to say about my life specfically. The kids are growing. They make references to their half siblings to others that may or may not know about their story and do so naturally. Most of the time no questions arise and the kids lead a normal life with no issues. I don't wonder or worry as often about how they will process this all. We have other issues to deal with in life such as camp, Summer reading lists, etc.

I sometimes miss writing everyday about this topic and other times I absolutely do not. I sometimes get e-mails from folks looking for advice and I try to get back to them but lately it has been tough to do so. I apologize when this has happened. Right now my focus is them and me.


Leigh said...

it was great to see you post Eric and get an update. It is great to hear how the kids and you are doing. Thanks for keeping your blog going, and even in the lulls, just having it here as a resource is very helpful.
Happy Summer

Unknown said...

I want to say that you don't know me at all, but you have helped my husband and I so much. I admit I was so scared about the idea of Donor Insemination until I stumbled upon your blog and you just seemed so well adjusted and full of hope, we knew we were going to be ok. Since then things have been a cloud of new experiences and definately since my son has been born the time has just wizzed by, but every once and a while I stop in to see how you and your family are doing. I was so sad to hear about your marriage, I can't imagine how hard this must be. I can really sense the frustration you are feeling in your writing. We wanted to tell you that our heart goes out to you and if we could send a hug your way we would. Hang in there, pal!