Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Year Ago We Lost a Friend....

A year ago I learned via an anonymous comment left on the DI Dads Speak Out blog that a friend I only knew from on-line correspondence, Moondance Max, had passed away. It had been expected as Max has been sick for some time. But was no less shocking when the day finally arrived.

Max was a man who found out that he could not have children naturally and turned to donor insemination with his wonderful wife Vee. They later found out Max had cancer and I am not remembering the timing which came first but also that Vee was pregnant. They now have a beautiful son from the pictures I have seen.

Vee had chronicled their struggle to conceive through her blog "The Sweet Life" and later their life together addressing Max's illness and the birth of their son. The blog is now privately published. Together they published many great videos to the International Infertility Film Festival dealing with their infertility struggles which will continue to offer hope to others dealing with infertility.

Some of us get caught up in our own lives and lose touch with friends we make over the Internet. I am guilty of that here. Max was a special person and I regret letting his friendship slip away. He wrote a couple of blogs while here, one of which as his persona Dynamo Dad, in the Diaries of a Hopeful Dad to Be.

[Note: Parts of this blog post were part of the initial post I published last year on hearing of Max's passing. I offer this post as a reminder of a friend who will always be worth remembering.]

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ColourYourWorld said...

Thank you so very much for remembering Max, Eric.

I have new blog which is not private http://www.troislittlebirds.blogspot.com/ Please read the link to Edens blog and see what we did.