Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just saying hello... Say hello back...

Not too much going on. Kids are happy and having a good Summer. They start camp in August. And I have to say I have been having a good Summer and I am quite happy too.

Have been checking in at the DI Dad Yahoo discussion group. Some interesting threads there. Is there anything you are curious about? Is there anything donor conception related you think I would be interested in discussing?

Just stopped in to say hello. Say hello back and let me know how you have been. Anything interesting going on with you? Does not have to be donor conception related. Just say hello. I'd like to see a lot of you say hello in the comments to this post.


Bea said...


I am not much of a blogger this year. It is a mad year. New baby + international move + renovation... life is busy, is good. Not sure how interesting these things are to outside parties, but the summary can't be bad ;)


E. Lev said...

hey DI_DAD, i was wondering if your kids are boys or girls. more specifically i'm wondering if you have boys if that impacts you at all negatively. obviously, i'm assuming you couldn't love your kids any more than you do if they were genetically yours. what i'm wondering is if your donor, who i'm also assuming has an amazing pedigree your kids will share, has taken on some larger than life persona in your mind that during an off moment makes you feel insecure, like you can't live up to who you perceive this person to be? and how that affects you, both personally and in your relationship with your kids. i hope my question's clear.

DI_Dad said...

@E.Lev - I have a boy and a girl. In the beginning thoughts of the donor were worrisome now not so much at all. Perhaps if the kids had made contact and were goin to meet him some of the old worries might reappear but at this point most of those concerns have settled down and I even would want to meet the guy. If you are a dad or potential dad consider joining the DI Dad yahoo group. Are you experiencing fears yourself of a donor?

Richard said...


Some reassuring thoughts and comment on being a single di dad would be welcome round about now.
How has it been? Has it made any difference do you think to your connection with your kids? Do you feel it makes you try harder?


DI_Dad said...

It certainly makes you try harder as now there is only one parent at a time with the kids.

My connection to the kids is the same as it was. I am still their dad just as you are to your boys. The major change is not seeing my children every day which is not what I would ever have wanted.

You will be fine.

Vinnie said...

Hello! Time for us to arrange lunch or drink. Glad your summer has been going well,

-- Vinnie

Ryan said...

Sorry I've been absent. I spent half the summer in a cast and my computer's been broken the other half. Fun times had by all, I assure you.