Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Terminology Hangups

Today I saw blog posts both either having an issue with terminology or I think playing games using terminology. 

The first posted on Kveller had to do with labeling kids or birth story with the word Adopted. Her point was why we must always reference kids as adopted. She cited examples of articles re Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie and numerous acquaintances that come up to her and announced they were adopted.

I agree that such classifications are usually unnecessary and create a second class stigma. My kids for the record don't reference themselves and I don't either aside from this blog's title. They are my kids. I pay child support to prove it. 

The second article I saw on Twitter retweeted which blamed the sexual revolution for a host of reproductive medicine issues as the writer saw it. I did not think using that term as a catch all was appropriate. The points made may have held worth but I just felt the writer latched onto the term as a hook to draw people in. Felt contrived. My personal opinion. 

Otherwise Happy Canada Day to my friends up North !!!!

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