Sunday, August 18, 2019

Their Donor’s Voice

Earlier this week I began to play a recording of the kid's donor's voice to them at the same time. Their reaction was not what I expected.

Before we chose our kid's donor we purchased a CD that contained an audio interview he participated in with a cryobank rep. I eventually had the interview transcribed.

I had planned to first let the kids read the transcript and then when I thought them mature enough play the audio. That changed and I offered to play the audio letting them follow the interview along with the printed text.

My son a few months back had listened on my phone to a snippet of the audio available on the cryobank's website. At that time his eyes had lit up in wonder. His sister at that time had been texting with their known half siblings about searching for the donor and when emails came in from 23 and Me regarding new connections she had wanted to know immediately.

So far the only confirmed connection via 23 and Me has been M their half sibling sister.

Anyhow at 17 and 15, I thought this Summer a good time for them to listen to the entire audio interview. About 20 minutes in length.

I brought home two printed copies of the transcript. I had the interview on a small cassette tape I had sent it to the transcription service on so it was easy play without dropping in into the CD player etc.

They each were ready. They listened for five minutes. I think got bored with the questions being asked. Z noted he sounded like a nice guy. Both were done and wanted to resume whatever they were doing. She binging a TV show. He playing video games on line. Very anticlimactic. I think I was let down more as I wanted to see them react. I said ok and our evening continued.

Ok they know I have it. Z kept the written transcript. Maybe she read it later. I have not asked. Again I found this interesting.

My goal is never to force them into anything. But to know I am here if they have questions. And that they can listen to his voice and know it's here if they are interested.

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