Saturday, March 14, 2020

Are my kids biological or adopted children under the US Census ?

I will likely report one child under the US Census as living with me. My Exwife reporting the other. She will be able to clearly indicate the child is biologically her child. What do I answer?

Clearly in the plain meaning of the word neither of my children is biologically my child. But are they adopted? One argument is that by using donor gametes it is a form of adoption. I can see that argument and I have even used the phrase that my then wife and I have half adopted our kids.

Under NYS law I am considered a natural parent to my kids based on my being married to her when the kids were born. But what is the US Census looking to measure? I doubt it's how many kids are donor conceived. Will mixing DC kids into this data set will it blur the purpose of the question? Probably not to any tangible degree.

Would my kids consider themselves adopted? At this point I don't think they do. Maybe they do. They have not indicated they do. Do I ? Not sure what I will do yet. I want to research the intent of the question.

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