Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Future Guest on Podcast Three Makes Baby

Later this month I will be recording a guest spot on the Three Makes Baby podcast. It's been a while since I have done anything like this so it should be interesting.

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I started publicly addressing the topic of #donorconception, specifically #malefactorinfertility and #donorinsemination in 2005 when my son was three and my daughter one,  At that time very few men were public speaking on these topics much less admitting that they were infertile or statistically infertile.  Technology has changed, social media has changed, but human emotions and the rights our kids deserve have not.

I am looking forward to the discussion.  After 15 years of addressing this topic from a parent's perspective I still have a lot to say.  So wait to for a date announcement and stay tuned.  Anything you want my opinion on?  Let me know.

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