Tuesday, December 28, 2021

NYS Legislation: The Donor Conceived Person Protection Act

A legislative bill titled The Donor Conceived Person Protection Act has been submitted for consideration to the NYS Senate by State Senator Patrick Gallivan of the 59th Senate District.

This legislation resulted from one family's story where a donor self reported their medical history omitting important details. Consequently both donor and a child conceived via this donor each died due to the medical condition omitted. The cryobank never verified or validated the medical profile and has stated it was not required to.

It is an impressive and progressive piece of proposed legislation that I have signed on to support. I learned of it via a post on Facebook and quickly made some inquiries. The link to the full text will be in this post.

Personal opinion and request:

I ask that NYS residents contact their State Senator and Assembly Member to voice your support for the bill. A proposed script is provided in the images here. If you find sections of the bill you have strong feelings about voice them of course. This is a start to protect children and to put some regulation around an industry left to police itself.

As I get more into the details I will be able to discuss more. "

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