Monday, October 10, 2005

Thoughts of a Half Sibling and Watching Kids Bouncing on Couches

This past weekend we visited my sister's as her older daughter was celebrating a birthday and a cousin of ours was visiting from out of town with his wife and son. At one point I asked my wife if we could tell my sister about the half sibling but she felt it was not the right time as the day was a celebration for the 6 year old and to bring up this topic would pull away conversations from that event. She was right.

As I watched my kids play with their cousins I could not help but imagine their half sibling also bouncing off the couch and the cushions laughing and giggling.


Julia said...

While I agree that the birthday party might not be the best time to bring up the subject there is never a perfect time to discuss it IMHO, so I belive that you should do it when you feel you'd like to. But then again, it seems from what you write here that you would like to be more open with your families than you wife does. I could be wrong but that's the impression I get.

I'm not married so I can't speak to honoring your partners wishes and all that.

DI_Dad said...

I don't think my wife is less open per se. (She does usually eventually read my posts so she is aware of my thoughts). She actually suggested after reading my post (and your comment) that we tell everyone when we host Thanksgiving this year. So we'll see how that goes.

My wife in general has moved on from most discussions dealing with Infertility and related topics as her time is focused on rearing the kids when I am working and what little extra time she gets to herself to decompress from the 18 hour plus days she puts in as full time mommy.

She was just as exited by the discovery of the half sibling and actually was pushing for us to call by phone beyond just emails than me. I guess the idea of telling the family (mine and hers) just isn't a priority as much to her. I am one living in the DI world due to this blog moreso than I woud be if this blog did not exist.

Hopefully this did not come out as just rambling.