Saturday, January 13, 2007

"I Want Daddy"

no. 324

My kids are truly mine and my daughter is very much daddy's girl. Everytime she starts crying about something or another she automatically comes to me for encouragement, comfort or for an answer her mother did not give her.

On the other gand sometimes her crying out for her daddy makes me feel like she knows I am not her biological father and she is crying for him. Last night she came down with what is her very first fever, which is amazing since she's over 2.5 years old. But when she woke up at one point she was screaming that she wanted her daddy and I was right there. No matter how many times we tried to tell her I was there she kept crying out for her daddy.

This happened again tonight when we were giving her a bath to try to bring the fever down. It took several minutes for us to calm her down and again I had these feelings like she knows. I feel every inch her daddy and know I am but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you and when you see your child in pain and you cannot do much to stop it you feel helpless. Gotta run as she just woke up.


Rachel Inbar said...

I remember myself crying like that. It was kind of like the crying gets stuck. My dad used to joke about it later saying I didn't even remember what I was crying about (unfortunately, he was right). I guess it's just one style of crying. (My daughter continues to cry "Mommy" even when I'm right beside her too.)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I'm going to second Rachel--I think they sometimes get stuck on the crying and they can't stop it. My 2 1/2-year-olds often keep screaming, "Mommy" as I am holding them. My words are just meant to reassure--not demean anything you're feeling. It sucks when a feeling is nagging you.

Unknown said...

With Rachel and ttc. My daughter fell really badly last year and ended up having a concussion. I was holding her, stroking her, talking to her and yet she kept screaming 'I want MUMMY.'

It showed me that I'm the most important person for her - she even screams for me if she's 'on another level'.

You are her Daddy. You know it. She feels it.

rosebyanothername said...

what a wonderful daddy you are! trust your insticts; she knows who loves her and who is there for her, helping with her bath and holding her when she's sick (sounds like the daddy to me!). (btw, my 3yo cousin did this to his mom last night, saying "mommy, but I want you-ououou" while she was already holding him; seems age appropriate to me)