Monday, January 15, 2007

Update re Vanessa Williams Sperm Donor Film: Retitled "Somebody Like You"

no. 325

As previously discussed, back on 6/28/06 and 6/27/06, the plot of the film is that Williams seeks out the sperm donor that she used to create her child but is unhappy to find out who and what he really is (and no he is not Ted Danson from "Made in America").

Anyhow for anybody looking to find this film when it is eventually released it has changed it's title from "Who Needs 'Em" (assuming this was a reference to men in general and the donor in particular) to "Somebody Like You" (assuming this refers to a character which is the Williams love interest.

Updates as they come out will be probbaly posted on the IMDB site and this Yahoo site.

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