Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Film re Mom Searching for Son's Sperm Donor

Apparently an independent film is currently in production with the title "Who Needs 'Em" and is about a single mother from Manhattan who searches for the anonymous sperm donor dad of her young son. The film, being directed by Richard Schenkman, is a post-feminist comedy.

The film stars Vanessa Willaims, Eartha Kitt and Ben Vereen. Williams states in the article linked that "For me and my age and background, this was a great opportunity to play a woman who was smart and accomplished. It had an interesting subject matter of sperm donation and women choosing to raise their kids independently without the traditional family unit. So it's topical, heartwarming and funny."

It should be interesting to see if the film results in serious discussion of the topic when it is released or is treated as a fluff piece. Other than the article linked I can find no other articles about the film or anything on the Internet Movie Data Base. Thanks to Diane Allen over at the Infertility Network for posting about this film on the Yahoo Discussion Groups.

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