Friday, June 16, 2006

I Got Tagged….Silly Internet Games

OK, I am doing this despite my propensity to tell Katty who tagged me I don’t do this stuff. I am usually the guy who always breaks chain email letters. I don’t know why I am doing this as I think it is virtually pointless but it does perhaps say something about me. FYI I am NOT tagging anyone else and this is a one shot deal and you'll never see me write that 100 thing list.

5 Things in My Fridge:

1) Apple Juice;
2) Hot dogs for the kids;
3) Mustard;
4) Lactose Free Milk
5) Apples

5 Things in my Closet:

1) A ladder;
2) My grandfather’s fishing poles;
3) Many boxes of genealogy records;
4) My tallis and tefillin;
5) An old broken folding stool that was my other grandfather’s

5 Things in my Backpack (I am substituting this for the Car category)

1) Medical bills I need to submit to insurance;
2) Charger cords for both my cell phone and Blackberry;
3) A map for the cemetery section my Temple owns ( I was volunteered to modernize their records system);
4) An umbrella (ask any accountant if they have one in their bag even if it hasn’t rained in weeks and they’ll say yes);
5) An empty sippy cup (I commute with my son and I sometimes forget to leave the empty in his backpack)

5 Things in My Desk at Work (Since I used Bag for Car, I am adding this Category)

1) A miniature slinky;
2) A picture of my friends and I at the Accountant’s Hall of Fame at Ohio State University or is it the University of Ohio (we were in Columbus to see the AAA Columbus Clippers and read about it in a tourbook and had nothing else to do as the bars were not yet open – have I justified this enough);
3) An Easy Button (from Staples);
4) Two pairs of those fake kid’s eyeglasses and nose novelties;
5) A copy of the script book to the movie “Monty Python & The Holy Grail”
and as a bonus:
6) A set of about 60 McDonald's Happy Meal Halloween McNuggets (collected over various years)

1 comment:

katty said...

The Accountants Hall of Fame?
Ah, you looked at this game in the wrong way. I always, always break chain letters. But you have to think of the game like this: think, there's someone out there in blog land who noticed me, and acted in a gesture of solidarity and inclusion.
Thanks for doing it! It was quite illuminating...
And well done on the article, by the way.