Friday, June 09, 2006

Father's Day, School Projects, Donor's Day

Before we had our children Father's Day meant celebrating my own father. While for myself it was a reminder of a status I had not yet achieved. I am unclear now whether it was a painful reminder or not. I am sure there was some of that but I am honestly not sure of the degree. I was reading the DSR-Discussion yahoo group and a number of the single moms were commenting about their children working on father's day projects at school and how the kids reacted and their own reactions.

Some of the women we're not thrilled and others commented how their kids honored them by recognizing that mom did it all. I would hope that where the teachers were aware that there is no dad that they would tailor the project to honor any parent. It's not like the topic of a missing “parent” is wholly new. When I was a kid I recall kids who were being raised by grandparents, aunts or uncles and the teacher's took all into account.

I am thinking about starting a day for our kid's called Donor's Day. My thoughts are not so much to increase their curiousity about their donor, as that will develope naturally I suspect, but to simply to recognize his contribution and to instill that gratitude I suppose in my kids. To not recognize his contribution I guess is the same as hiding it or worse to allow the kids to be ashamed of their conception. Not sure yet how to do it. I really wish we had a DC Network here in the States as I am sure as an event this would be easier with other DI kids around.

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