Monday, June 19, 2006

UK Repeal of Anonymity = Sperm Shortage

Richard of the TTC DI blog "End of My Line?" and his wife like many UK couples are struggling with the current donor sperm shortage that has beset the UK since donor anonymity ended in that country. Richard is currently trying to brainstorm ideas to help increase the level of sperm donations in the UK.

Max from Australia and his blog "Diaries of a Hopeful Dad" half serious and half kidding around created the short advertisement shown to help stimulate interested parties to donate. I don't think such an ad would be printed here in the USA but I admit it made me immediately laugh despite the seriousness of the topic.

The level of seriousness is further complicated when you take into account the views of may donor conceived adults who feel there are better ways to building families than using DI. Rel of T5's Daughter, also of Australia, mentioned in a comment left on Max's blog that the advertisement made her feel that she would cry when she saw it.

I can see all parties views and I certainly empathize on a much stronger level with Richard and his wife. To be honest if I was in his position I'd probably be doing the exact same thing.


Rel said...

My campaign would be something more like "Don't be a wanker! Don't give away your kids!"

I live in Australia by the way ;)

DI_Dad said...

I figured your view would be along those lines. And I knew you were in Australia. I will correct the reference. I have meant to add links to the article but it was quite late.