Sunday, June 25, 2006

Random Thoughts....

A few comments I read or heard today had me thinking. No substantial comments in response to my thoughts yet but these were the comments I read either online or via e-mail:

> The mother of my children's half sibling commented, via e-mail, how after seeing the picture accompanying the USA Today article how my son and her daughter look alike.

> One former donor on-line noted that while he respects the rights of the parents raising his offspring he fully intends to request full grandpas privileges down the road when his "children" themselves are parents.

> Another former donor commented how he has no knowlege of what he was thinking while producing his sperm samples many many years ago but assumes it was not anything of an altruistic nature as he claims he had no knowledge that the samples would be used to create life.

I actually can respond to the recognition that the half siblings share a resemblance. It made me smile. My thoughts on this are based on a couple of facts. Right now my kids only have two cousins via my sister as my wife's brother and his wife don't yet have kids. I grew up with ten first cousins and while we were not all close in age or close personally it was always nice to know they were there.

I don't yet know what relationship my children and this half sibling will have and I don't at this time think of her as their sister as they denotes an existing social relationship but I do hope they become friends and recognize the special tie to each other that they share. If only to have someone else they can turn too who like them was created by equal parts given and received.

As for the comments of the two donors I'll just let those thoughts percolate for a bit.

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