Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Secrecy Using Donor Sperm Can Be Health Hazard (Opinion - NY Times)

Today's New York Times includes a Second Opinion article by reporter Denise Grady as the lead cover story of the Health & Fitness section. The article re-covers the Michigan case where the donor passed along a rare genetic disease.

Overall what is important about this article (its full text is linked to above in this blog's Annex) is that it specifically states as an Opinion piece that the Sperm Banks are largely unregulated and recognizes that the banks are regulated as to infectious diseases but not regarding pregnancies.

Overall a well written article and the more Press these issues receive from major publications like the NY Times are positive steps forward that can be used to begin to oush our legislators to address these issues.

[Graphic by William Duke published 06/06/2006 - NY Times]

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