Tuesday, June 27, 2006

DC - In the News

Redefining Family - Minnesota Woman's Press - 06/27/06

by Mikki Morrisette

Single women and lesbian couples who choose parenthood are unwittingly transforming the donor insemination industry.


Breeder Reaction - Mother Jones - July / August 2006

By Elizabeth Weil

“Does everybody have the right to have a baby? And who should pay when nature alone doesn’t work?”


Doctors say sperm and egg donors should have anonymity – The Scotsman – 06/26/2006

by Lyndsay Moss

“DOCTORS are calling for sperm and egg donations to be made anonymous again because desperate couples are left unable to access fertility treatment.”


Golden Eggs – Boston Globe – 06/25/2006

By Carlene Hempel

“Drowning in credit-card debt and student loans, young women are selling their eggs for big payoffs. But can they really make the right medical and moral decisions when they're tempted with $15,000?”

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