Monday, June 05, 2006

Too Much Bonding with a DI Child is Exhausting

Bonding with your children is a blessing. Too much so leads to exhaustion. I can safely say that my kids love me as evidenced by the number of times per day they say, yell, scream, cry, plead the word "Daddy".

We are lucky in that our kids conk out for an early bedtime but we are also compensated by this good luck by our daughter (who at just under two) as she wakes up each morning, on average, no later than 5:30 am. Her first word each day is "Daddy" not "Mommy" but "Daddy". I am blessed by being draggged out of my bed for fear of our neighbors banging on walls to get this little girl to be quiet. She has a set of lungs that I am assuming can be heard across Manhattan at that hour.

Based on what my wife tells me it appears that they ask for me all day to the point she wonders who actualy bore these kids. As soon as my kids hear my keys hit the door when I get home I am surrounded and deluged with book reading requests or more often than not requests that Mommy denied and last ditch efforts are being made for these requests to be granted before Mommy can fill me in as to her decision. I am sure every dad goes through these rituals but for a DI Dad they are especialy sweet as you know you worked harder to get here so the exhaustion feels twice as tiring.

I know during their teenage years the word Daddy will not be said with as much love as it is now so I am saving up these memories. Now if I can only get the two year old to sleep to say 6:00 am I would smile a with a bit more energy.

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