Friday, June 16, 2006

Fox News: Geraldo at Large "Who'se Your Daddy?"

Last night the Fox News program "Geraldo at Large" supposedly ran a story on the DSR and focused on both Wendy and Ryan Kramer as well as former donor Dr. Kirk Maxie. By all estimates Dr. Maxie may have approximately 400 biological children out there. I missed the show but for those interested the above post title links to the Geraldo Blog post on the segment.

Reading through the blog post it appears mostly to be info that those following the DSR have seen before. The photo of Wendy with Ryan as a toddler was very cute as was the current shot with the dogs. It was also amusing to see another current picture of Ryan eating Cool Whip out of the tub but I will admit had I watched that on film it would have been too much..

Overall not a bad piece and if it brings more folks over to the DSR worth every second of filmed tape.

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