Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More About Vanessa Williams Sperm Donor Film

Previously in a post of a couple of days ago I passed on info that a film was being filmed where Vanessa Williams was to play a mother to a child conceived via DI who was searching for her child's sperm donor. FQ on the SpermDonors Yahoo Discussion Group found a blog post further describing the film as:

"a comedy about a high-powered single mom who opens Pandora's box when she seeks out the anonymous sperm donor father of her 5-year old son. The father turns out be a much younger, self-absorbed California slacker."

Part of me reading this is thinking is why is Hollywood or rather this screenwriter portraying the donor as a slacker? Do people want to trivialize this topic? At the same time maybe it will provide us all a good laugh at ourselves and I guess anytime this topic hits the mainstream media, especially with a name actress involved, we should be happy to use it as an opportunity to push for reform or at least recognition to break down walls of ignorance.


TheRealHarv said...

I was actually expecting this plot line to come out...wierd. makes sense i suppose. Seriously though, if your looking to make some cash donating sperm, then checkout they have a great directory

DI_Dad said...

Make some cash donating Sperm?

Harv...this blog is being written by a guy, namely me, whose semen contains virtually no usable sperm...Did I misunderstand your comment?