Monday, June 19, 2006

Did Our Sperm Donor or Cryobank Read USA Today? Or Do Either Read This Blog?

I wondered over the last few days if either our donor or our cryobank read or saw the USA Today article. Would it matter if they did? I guess it depends. Certainly to both I have said thank you on this blog as the kids are healthy, smart and good kids. We have been lucky that they are healthy as opposed to some of the stories I have heard and read.

I have had no real issues with the cryobank we used directly. I have not named them specifically but it would not be very hard to figure it out. Perhaps a fee or two has been higher than I would wish but that is the price for the consumer based business DI is in this country.

I certainly have issues with the industry as a whole and I do believe reform and increased regulation is needed. I believ both can be accomplished without direct attacks by me as I have not had the experiences to warrant it. Others may have with their banks and I don't condone nor condemn their actions as I am not in their shoes. But as a result of their scenarios and the fact that many donor conceived persons feel that DC has contributed to ongoing issues in their lives I am a supporter of reform.

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Julia said...

Nice article in USA Today!