Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Announcing the 2008 Donor Conception Blog Awards

It's that time of year when the blog world all goes a twitter at who was nominated and who is being voted best in their respective categories.

I was thinking let's start our own Donor Conception Blog Awards in the following categories (if you think of other categories let me know):

(1) Donor Conceived
(2) Choice Mom / SMC via DI
(3) TTC - DE - male or female authored
(4) TTC - DI (MFI) - male or female authored
(5) Donors - Former or Current
(6) TTC - 2 Moms
(7) DE / DI - Mom & Dad family
(8) DE / DI - LGBT
(9) General DC Issues

If you believe one or more of these categories should be consolidated let me know. If enough individuals believe this is worthwhile let me know and we can set this up.

I figure since the DC blogging world is not all that big we should start with only three nominated blogs in each category. If anyone has an idea for an award logo or nomination logo let me know as well.


Leslee said...

This sounds like a neat idea. I've forwarded this post to Mel over at Stirrup Queens to help get the word out.


Fat Chick said...

That's a great idea!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Great idea!

Jessica White said...

Awesome idea!

battynurse said...

Sounds like a great idea. The catagories look good.

Dresden said...

fab idea! I like the break down you created as I think it will cover the DI blogs well.

noswimmers said...

Great idea...and perfect categories!

Dramalish said...

Thanks for getting this together. -Dramalish/BabyQuest.