Thursday, January 22, 2009

YouTube Video Advertising for a Donor Conceived Fiction Book

I was on FaceBook a short time ago and noticed that the founder of one of the donor conceived interest groups had posted a link to a YouTube video titled "My So-Called Fmily" which is the title of one of the two teenager centered books I referred two a few months back.

It turns out the video which looks a bit like a TV show / movie of the week commercial is an advertisement for the book. Now I have seen everything. Based on the video would you buy the book?

The video was posted by TheClassof2K8. I am not sure whether this party is the author, the video's creator, other interested party.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Nope, don't think I'll be reading that. First off it is obviously a tween/teen book and probably not up my alley. Plus, I think it would bother me too much. I noticed one of the terms used was "find her lost family" and that sort of doesn't sit right with me. I know that my son has biological siblings that were born this summer, but I don't think of them as his "lost family." I have a feeling it will be very poorly written. I don't think I can stomach a lot of negative comments and phrases about how a "fictional" donor conceived child feels towards their conception.

Bea said...

Yes, strange to see a book advertised like that... although I suppose I shouldn't. Very tweenie.


Ryan said...

I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. I wouldn't read it myself, mostly because what I read is a little tougher, and also because I'm not part of the "woe is me generation" that is the target audience.

Everything I've seen related to artificial insemination has mostly been loosely-disguised sensationalism. Heaven forbid we treat the subject with maturity... *mutter whine complain*

Anonymous said...