Sunday, January 11, 2009

Donor Conceived Blogs - Individual and Group Efforts

In the past few years that I have been writing this blog I have seen a fair number of individual blogs by donor conceived individuals and websites devoted to the views of political and social positions on this topic.

The above site, Donor Conceived Perspectives, presents in one location blog posts by several donor conceived individuals (many of which maintain individual blogs as well) from varying backgrounds and locations around the world and is definitely worth checking out. My apologies as I am beat otherwise I would write more about this site and others.

On a personal and unrelated note:

I had one of those days where the act of parenting was a challenge. At one point my 6 year old son wanted to go live with another family as he was unhappy as to how he was being punished and even though the incident had nothing to do with donor conception you wonder is this how it will feel when he uses that fact in an argument. By the end of the day everyone was happy again and the incident conciously forgotten by him. But apparently not by me.


Unknown said...

Children are powerless in the face of parental "guidance". They don't like how things go, so they lash out however they can, trying to hurt their parents verbally if not physically. They all do it, it's part of the human condition.

Don't worry about it. Kid got a lucky shot in is all. When he uses it later, you'll have to understand that he's just trying to fight back and doesn't actually feel that way.

whosedaughter said...

Honestly, I don't think you have any reason to be insecure. Your kids are going love you unconditionally (especially) because you don't discount their feelings. You won't be defensive, or accuse them of trying to hurt you or tell them they are powerless in the face of parental "guidance". You won't tell them that they should just be grateful. YOU are the kind of parent we ALL should aspire to be. Thank you for setting the bar higher.

Sue said...

Hi Eric,
I remember using this one on my own parents!!!
Although I sympathise with you by being a mother to my son conceived with use of donor eggs, I thoroughly agree with the last 2 comments. Your child loves you unconditionally otherwise he would not have risked his chance to be "one up"! Great parenting. :)

Anonymous said...

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