Monday, June 12, 2006

New Blog - DI Dads Speak Out

This afternoon a new blog was launched to put another face on the issue of donor insemination. In this case it is the face of men who have themselves found out they suffer from various forms of male factor infertility and have turned to DI as an option.

The idea is to take the issue of donor insemination one step further out of the closet. This site is not a advocacy site promoting DI but simply a group of men who jointly felt that a male perspective on the issue should be made more public with the hope of informing the public and helping other men address the issues.

Currently each is a member of the Yahoo Discussion Group DI Dads where approximately 50 men can discuss issues surrounding DI in a non-threatening closed community of other men who like them are dealing with MFI.

In the interests of full disclosure I am the moderator of both the existing Yahoo group and this new blog.

1 comment:

katty said...

I've been tagging DI'ers...
so let's tag you.
In a spirit of playfullness we can celebrate the launching of your new blog.