Monday, March 06, 2006

Not an Oscar Picture: "Made in America"

I figured it's Oscar night so I should post something about the movies. Until I read Rel's blog I had forgotten about the Whoopie Goldberg / Ted Danson flick "Made in America" that was about donor conception.

Great film? Hardly, but it's the only movie I can recall that dealt with this topic comedically or otherwise. Are there others?

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lia said...

I was watching a re-run of Alley McBeal late one night (a one off and I never got back to it). Alley inadvertantly donated an egg which was passed onto a bachelor who died. The offspring, an 11 year old Alley McBeal clone knocked on Alley's front door one night and claimed to be her daughter. The final scenes are about Alley'd daughter moving in with her and for all intents and purposes Alley was about to take on the responsibility of parenting. Don't know where all that went because I didn't tune in again.