Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tomorrow's Paper Today

One of my favorite shows has not been on Network TV for a while now but it's still available on cable. The show is Early Edition. It's that show where a man mysteriously receives tomorrow's paper a day early and he must use the paper to right specific wrongs or to save individuals from harm. It may be seen as a sappy concept show but it's one I bought into fully and one that I have loved for years. I think it was that cat that suckered me into loving the show. What is it that makes us want to watch stories where we know the hero will triumph at the end of an hour's worth of time yet we still sit captured by an impossible story. I can only guess it is our desire to know things will work out in the end.

Am I looking for a paper to say my children's lives will be OK? What parent isn't? Will it be challenging to help them along their appointed path? Of course. Will their lives be a bit more complicated than your average life. Yep. But we can always dream that maybe Gary Hobson's cat will happen by with that paper now and again to give us a few hints along the way. Just don't tell Chuck I have that paper.

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