Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taboos - A London Play About DI

"What do a pioneering West Coast urologist, a celebrated TV presenter, a hip, single San Francisco lawyer and a God–fearing, childless couple from the Southern American bible–belt have in common? They all want to be a parent."

I don’t usually do ads in this blog but this one involved the topic of donor conception. The theatre review linked above is in regards to a play at London’s The New End Theatre. It will run from Thursday, Feb 23 to Sunday, April 2, 2006. I am assuming the author is from the USA. If anyone sees it beyond the reviewer I am curious if it's any good.

The plot seems to mirror that of a recent musical dinner play titled "Infertility" that ran here in New York City which was reviewed by New York Magazine. It is no longer playing here in NYC but ran from October 2005 through Mid-February 2006. The full title and link to the official play website is "Infertility: The Musical That's Hard to Conceive". Perhaps the London production is the same show just transplanted across the "Pond" as the Brits call the Atlantic.

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