Saturday, March 11, 2006

Anderson Cooper 360 Blog re Donor 401 Moms

I don't believe the CNN program by this name aired a televised story regarding the Fairfax Donor 401 Moms and their kids but this March 9, 2006 blog posting at last count had over 61 comments submitted in response. It's an interesting cross section of views pro and con on the topic from what appears to be everyday folks as opposed to some of the egghead think tank blogs out there that debate the topic. I believe there may have been at least one dad via DI in the mix of comments. Because the comments are include many from individual outside the DC / infertility community it makes it worthwhile to see what people think of this topic. Granted many are responding to the sensational aspect of one donor, 11 moms, and 20 kids.

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MAX said...

Good set of opinions from a cross section of the population. Good reading.