Friday, March 03, 2006

Brown Hair

The other morning my wife commented on how our daughter's hair color matched our son's color. Hearing this our son stated "We match you Daddy not Mommy". Truth is my wife's color is a sort of brownish blond which I guess is properly termed an ash blonde I think. Anyhow before I could state that his hair could not match mine my wife stated how Daddy's hair is darker than his and his sister's to which he quickly replied "We match Mommy and not Daddy." Truer than he realizes.

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lia said...

A close friend of mine is the mother of a donor conceived child. She belongs to TangledWebs (she is not necessarily 'ban dc' however, she just sees that there are big problems which people are into denial about). She and her husband did locate their sons biological father who is now what you could call a 'co-parent' (primarily because this turned out to be the natural outcome of their meetings. It is a relief to both her and her husband because they are both academics, whilst the 'donor' is right into sport. So now the 'donor' comes round on the weekends and takes the dc child to sporting events, something the child is also really interested in. The 'social' parets, being academics, are more into books (they subsequently had a child 'naturally' and that child is not the least bit interested in sport either). This is what genes are all about. Anyway, that is beside the point to your recent blog. What I wanted to say is that this mum also reckons that dc kids are super smart because they have to stretch their intelligence. This is due to the fact that they are in a sense 'blind' because they cannot negotiate their way through identity and relationship issues via 'gene recognition' in the same way that us people who know both their biological parents do.