Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DadBloggers - A Community of Dads

Just like the Mommy Blogs there are numerous daddy blogs. Some by SAHDs others by working dads with varying perspectives and thoughts willing to share. Most parent blogs maintain blogrolls of other like sites.

I have been invited to join DadBloggers. This is one of the few multi dad created and written sites I have seen out on the Web. My favorite dad blog to date has been DadTalk which is primarily written by one man. It is definitely worth checking out and his blog was voted third in the Best in Blog awards this year. In contrast, DadBloggers has a number of contributing Dads who each write on average one to two submissions per month.

The reader automatically gets to see a diverse view of topics and thoughts presented by the diffferent dads. I don't know if the invitation will result in my being accepted as a new contributor yet but I definitely encourage the dads out there to check out this site at www.DadBloggers.com.

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brettdl said...

Thanks for the compliment!