Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Two Year Blogiversary

On August 15th or thereabouts this blog turned two. Like a number of two year olds it became a little cranky. Not in the nature of its posts but its writer became cranky or at least that is what my wife told me I had become.

For those two years I felt I needed to post on a frequent basis. Well those feelings took their toll and besides wanting a venue as noted below where I could be more creative I guess I needed to step back for a while and just be a dad. I have even taken steps to empower others to be more active on the DI Dads Yahoo group.

While these issues are still very important in my family's life which only time will tell how important. I must let the children point the way. My son again is aware that a donor helped create him, his sister and T. My daughter has heard the discussions but she does not yet seem to grasp what it means even at the level he did at her age. Time will tell.

I am not closing ths blog down yet. Nor do I expect to as I still see visitors dropping in even with nothing new posted. I expect as circumstances dictate I will drop back for an occasional post. For those of you that I count as friends I wish you well and hope to follow your stories and videos on your blogs and perhaps you will honor me with an email once in a while as I hope to do the same.
Good luck.


Bea said...

Good luck! And I definitely think you should leave it here - it's still a valuable place to come.


Vita said...

Yes, I agree with Bea, your blog is a wealth of information.
I often send people over who are thinking about DI.

All the best and enjoy every moment with your wife and those little ones.

ColourYourWorld said...

The last comment was me, Vee :) I have no idea why it came up as sweet.

katty said...

sad you will not be posting regularly. yours is a blog worth having. but do keep it up so others can benefit from it. and very good luck, eric.