Thursday, July 26, 2007

Secrets of a Donor Conception Blogger

I have to admit lately I've been seeing another blog.....or rather writing one.

No she's not another donor conception blog. In fact "she" / it is totally unrelated to donor conception. I decided I needed another venue where I also could be more creative. Not creative like Vee or Max but more along the lines of creating a footprint in the community I live in. It's sort of a travelogue / what's going on here and there type of blog.

It has allowed me to play as opposed to thinking about all this stuff all the time when I am sitting in front of the keyboard. I am not the only blog in my little "town" but I have a niche. The only problem is now I need to catch up on my Harry Potter reading.


Bea said...

Aha! I thought there was less traffic lately. Hope you're enjoying your new home. Being an infertility blogger can get a bit much at times.


Unknown said...

Oh thank god. I was worried, Eric. No one should think about DI as much as you have in the past.

I hate to inform you that I won't be around for a couple months. I'm probably not the most pleasant of your readers, but I hope I've been at least memorable. You'll be in my bookmarks to check when I have my computer returned in October.

DI_Dad said...

Thanks folks. My "diversion" was just linked to as a news source by a local news station on their website. Very very cool.

ColourYourWorld said...

Good on you Eric. Everyone needs a creative outlet. I would imagine it be heavy going keeping this blog up.

The diversion would do you the world of good. Most of all have fun !

DI_Dad said...

Thanks Vee. Just saw your new vid. Again a good one.

Again today my new diversion was linked to by a local TV station's web page under their latest from local blogs. In a city with thousands of blogs I am very very amused.

Be well.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Would love to read the new one if you're ever willing to share the link. Believe it or not, I read--gasp--non-IF/pg loss blogs!