Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A New Donor Conception Blog from ... the Donor Sibling Registry

no. 403
Until this week the Donor Sibling Registry had three main avenues to engage its membership and the public:
(1) the central DSR website which among other pages included the Registry itself,
(2) the DSR yahoo discussion group for matters involving but not limited to direct sibling and/or donor searches, and
(3) the DSR_Discussion yahoo group for more general DI / DE discussion.
Now a fourth venue has been added: The DSR Blog !
In Wendy Kramer's own words the creation of this blog allows her to create and maintain a "a central DSR area for updates, i.e. upcoming news, policy, DSR logistics, comments on media and the industry, etc.".
So for those of that subscribe to Blogarithm or any other blog tracking service I suggest you add the DSR Blog to your schedule for donor conception related topics.

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