Monday, July 09, 2007

TV Note: Ryan Kramer of DSR to Meet Half Sibling (Tuesday July 10, 2007)

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Tomorrow night on Primetime Live [2007 July 10, ABC, 10:00 pm EST] Ryan Kramer who founded the Donor Sibling Registry, with his mother Wendy Kramer, will himself be the focus of one story.

While the DSR has resulted in approximately 3500 matches between half siblings and/or genetic donors this TV story captures on film Ryan's first meeting with his own half sibling Anna. The story segment will also focus on another DSR match (donor and children) connecting in California.

The story of how Anna found Ryan has previously been written about by Wendy Kramer in the May 2007 AFA newsletter and can be linked to HERE in this blog's Annex.


ultimatejourney said...

Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check this out.

Bert said...

Wish I was going to get home tonight to catch this.

I was just following links from blog to blog and found yours. Just the topic i was beginning to look for.

We just met with our ivf dr today to begin the issue of using donor sperm.

I'm looking forward (ok, a little nervous as well) to going through your archives. (Did that sound rude?)


DI_Dad said...

Bert -

The program is on TOMORROW the 10th not tonight the 9th.

As for going through my archives don't sweat it. If you have questions just email me.

- Eric