Thursday, July 05, 2007

Book Update: DI as Sad Fiction

no. 399

Beginning of Sorrows

by Nancy Merical

From the publisher (per B&N):

"The Beginning of Sorrows: Were these disturbing words, echoing in Jamaliel's nightmare, induced by hormonal changes during pregnancy or prophetic of the future? Conceived through donor insemination, Jamaliel's son, Kenny, at the age of sixteen, discovers a document that causes him to believe he is adopted. Escaping from his estranged father, he finds his situation more chaotic. A mysterious letter hints that his fiancée is actually his sister, and the man verified as his biological father refuses to accept him as his son. When questions arise about the donor's actual identity. Kenny wonders: Will peace ever be mine?"
OK, this sounds incredibly depressing. First off to my knowledge the title is actually a phrase associated with the "end of days" prophecies in the New Testament. That can't be a coincidence considering the depressing tone of this synopsis.
If this doesn't sound like a great argument for early disclosure I don't know what is.
Product Details
ISBN: 0741438941
ISBN-13: 9780741438942
Format: Paperback, 201pp
Publisher: Buy Books on the Web.Com

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