Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ABC Primetime 07/10/07 DSR Story On-Line

no. 402
Tonight's segment on Primetime regarding the Donor Sibling Registry already exists online as a print article and can be linked to HERE.
I have not read it yet but will do so later today and post the text to the Annex when I am able.


LorMarie said...

Hopefully, real experiences such as this will make anonymous donors think long and hard about their decision to remain a mystery. After all, the donor conceived are the only ones who aren't given a choice about anonymity. Many are not looking for "daddy" in the donor. They are simply looking for answers...answers they have a right to, IMO.

Unknown said...

Define "right", though. There are a lot of kids that don't know their genetic forebears such as the children of teenage deadbeat fathers.

The big difference that I see is that in our case, our genetic donors are legally protected from our inquiries. I'd like to see that legal protection removed, preferably by the choice of the donors.

I'm not saying its my right to know my donor, I just wish the playing field were level for me to have a way to find him. Adopted children have the law on their side to find their genetic parents, we DI kids have no such legal recourse.

DI_Dad said...

Is this Ryan A. ? I am confused. While your words as a stand alone statement make sense to me did you intend to post them to this blog post or another? I ask as your first paragraph does not seem to be in response the above comment or my text. Eric

Unknown said...

This is Ryan S., I don't know why this site only displays my first name.

My comment was intended as a response to the last sentence of Lormar's comment. I was responding to, "They are simply looking for answers...answers they have a right to, IMO."

I was responding to that, and then attempting to further Lormar's point. Not only are we never given a choice in our donor's anonymity, the law is against us.

My further point is that I don't use the word "right" in reference to the information I want. I don't feel I have the right, but I feel I have a reason.