Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Sperm Donor's Spoken Words Soon to be Written

no. 400

I have been meaning to have the CD Rom recording of the donor's words transcribed for some time now. I had the recording copied onto a micro-cassette tape so that a professional using a tape player made for such a purpopse could easily stop and start the recording. I sent it out earlier this week and am awaiting an e-mail with a full transcription.

I figured having the donor's words on paper would be important if something happened to the CD copies we have or for some reason technology changes and future devices would not play CDs as we know it.

As soon as I receive the transcription I plan on sending a copy down to T's mom so they have it also in their records for T's benefit.


On an administrative note I can't believe this is my 400th post to this blog. I started in Aug 2005 and am soon to hit my two year anniversary this Summer. Pretty wild.

My wife and I again discussed my involvement in this blog and the yahoo group. We talked how she hardly ever thinks about this stuff while I unnaturally think about it too much due to these venues. I'd be curious to see if a psychotherapist would think all this writing is a bad or good thing.


Bea said...

Do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing? (I've gleaned your wife's opinion from previous posts, I think...)


DI_Dad said...

I think she feels my time could be spent on other projects. She also worries I believe that I at times am still insecure about my relationship to the kids.

She may be picking on something I don't see. I do know that I am usually the first one they wake up, cry out for out night, want to spend time with so from an ego perspective and consciously I know they love and want me as daddy.

She does believe the blog does me good and has seen the comments left for me so she knows it also has had an impact. I am quite proud of footprint I have created with it as I see few other social parents memorializing their views. Part of this also will be like a journal of my thoughts for the kids when I am gone. Hopefully that is a long time from now.

Unknown said...

Just don't fixate on it, Eric. It's very easy to build a wall there and keep one step away from a true relationship.

My son (I finally adopted him) always turns to me first, for some reason. He calls my cell phone, he wakes me up, etc...